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Don't Lose Your German - an Interview on SBS Radio

Members of the “Qu Qu Club”, run by the Australian-German Welfare Society Melbourne, meet regularly in order to cultivate their mother language: German.

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Interview with Linde Mohr on SBS Radio

AGWS - an ageing population

Interview with social worker Tanja Gawin on SBS

565 / August 2019

I hope this edition of our newsletter finds you in good health and spirit. Many of you may suffer from colds and flu like symptoms. Please remember in this case sharing is not caring. Do not spread your germs!

Thank you to you all who have taken the time to provide a short feedback to our survey in the last edition. We wanted to get a snapshot how you are using our newsletter and what you would like to read. In this edition we go through a summary of what you provided…

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564 / July 2019

How quickly time passes! I know it is a platitude, but true nonetheless: the months seem to fly by faster and faster every year and just like that, another financial year has come to an end.

For the new year we want to see some changes at the Welfare in that we would like to see our organisation move with the changing times. With that in mind we are revising the work processes in the office with the aim of making them easier and more effective.

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563 / June 2019

In May we celebrated our 64th Gala Night, our annual AGWS fundraiser. A German themed dinner followed by a performance of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni by the opera company Opera on the Move Co-Opera made for a festive and celebratory atmosphere, greatly enjoyed by all.

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562 / May 2019

The Maifest will be celebrated in Germany to mark the arrival of spring. The Maibaum is a tradition going back to the 16th century.It is a great community event to decorate the tree or tree trunk and we all remember the village and town fete on the 1st May.

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561 / April 2019

I am sure the same has happened to you before: one plans and organizes, but life just doesn’t play along and has something entirely different in mind. Which is what happened to us: Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have to postpone The Melbourne German Weeks to May 2020.

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